Many companies support our research at the frontiers of knowledge, financing projects in the search for a cure for cancer, schizophrenia or autism. All companies contribute a fixed annual amount that is used to purchase reagents and to establish and develop collaborations with other research centers. If you want to participate, click on the button below and we will explain how you can help us. Your participation is essential in the tireless search for a cure for the diseases that still resist us.



Negocenter Business Center was founded in 1997 with a business center of 320 m2 with an exponential growth until today, managing 7 business centers with more than 17,000 m2 located in the main business areas of Madrid and surrounded by excellent communications and services.

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Grupo Inverbur

We are a group of companies specialized in outsourcing services, collaborating with our industrial clients to improve their performance and optimize their costs.

Our goal: to achieve, together, a sustained growth, maintaining the trust of our customers and employees.

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<span>Grupo Inverbur</span>


Reinventing coffee for businesses

Unique, healthy and sustainably farmed specialty coffees in a super-automatic coffee machine of Swiss quality and reliability. Enjoy and offer employees and customers freshly ground coffee with natural emulsified milk from specialty coffee shops at the touch of a button. Immediate delivery, repair and maintenance service.

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Grupo Larrión

Grupo Empresarial Larrión is a group made up of eight long-established business organizations in the steel cutting, wiring, electronics, iron and steel warehousing and rebar sectors. Headquartered in Navarra, we are also present in the Basque Country, Madrid and Zaragoza.

The group has been created with the aim of being a national reference in these sectors and to obtain synergies in order to offer a global, excellent service adapted to the requirements of our clients.

At Grupo Empresarial Larrión we ensure the professional development of our employees and incorporate the latest technology in order to be leaders in each of the business divisions in which we operate.

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<span>Grupo Larrión</span>


Iberext is a Fire Protection Company with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Its lines of work are the design, installation, maintenance and training in all types of active and passive fire protection systems according to UNE standards and others of international prestige such as NFPA, APSAD, FM. Iberext, in addition to Active and Passive Fire Protection Services also offers PCI Audits and study and implementation of Universal Accessibility adaptations according to AIS 1/2018 standard in all types of spaces.

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Club CEO España

The Club - CEO Spain brings together CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders to share visions and experiences.

At Club CEO we believe in the intellectual and social benefit of meeting among peers, debating and building a new chapter of our common history, based on values and dealing with opportunities or the future we want to live and bequeath.

The CEO Club is an organized, private, independent, autonomous development space with a shared code of conduct that brings together entrepreneurs and top executives to express their interests, passions and ideas, exchanging information and treating all members as equals, creating an environment of great trust and mutual support.

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<span>Club CEO España</span>

Healthy Minds

At Healthy Minds, we merge cutting-edge technology with human well-being by putting Artificial Intelligence at the service of mental health. Thanks to our advanced algorithm based on complex mathematics, we are able to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report on psychosocial risks and the state of mental health in your company.

If you have to evaluate the psychosocial risks in your company and, in addition, you want to anticipate the appearance of mental health problems using the most advanced AI in the market, Healthy Minds is the solution you are looking for.

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<span>Healthy Minds</span>


In an era where technology and humanity are intertwined, Thera4All stands out as a beacon of trust and innovation. We have combined the most advanced Artificial Intelligence with the essence of human care, creating a hyper-realistic metahuman that understands, listens and guides. But we don't stop there. Assessments are conducted with scientifically validated tests, certified by health psychologists, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy and professionalism.

Thera4All not only represents the technological vanguard, it represents an unwavering commitment to your well-being. It is a tool that democratizes access to mental health, bringing hope and help to every corner of the world.

At Thera4All, we are confident in our mission and in our technology, but above all, we are confident in the possibility of a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

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