Hic Sunt Dracones

Exploring the realms of science is an enthralling odyssey. Every experiment, every hypothesis, every hour spent in the lab, takes us one step closer to understanding the mysteries of our world. As we continue our relentless pursuit for answers, we edge closer to finding cures for the diseases that have long evaded us. In this quest, we not only seek to heal, but to unveil the wonders of the universe itself.

Metastatic Cancer

Metastatic Cancer

Development of a model that analyzes the metastasis process using epigenetic techniques and iPS cells in order to find patterns that allow us to predict the nature of metastasis and thus eliminate the cells that migrate to the target organizations before they colonize them.

iPS and Mental Disorders (OCD)

Development of a cellular reprogramming model using iPS cells obtained from fibroblasts of patients with a diagnosis of refractory OCD in order to find epigenetic patterns in reprogrammed interneurons and projection neurons vs. from patients' brains to predict the onset of the disorder.

Mirror Neurons

Morphological characterization of mirror neurons in the healthy human brain by epigenetic techniques.

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